Monday, October 8, 2012

Iksan Skuter - Who support the party's corruption @ Jakarta, Indonesia 07/10/2010

Yang dukung korupsi itu partai Iksan #saveKPK
Sebuah lagu tentang sebuah partai imajinatif .. :)
by Budi Afriyan


  1. Yes, i take this performance at Bundaran HI Jakarta Indonesia on Sunday Morning October 7, 2012 :)

    This song belong to @IKSANSKUTER who just release his album called Matahari. This song is in Matahari album.

    In election held every 5 years in this country, a representatives of the people elected. But they always forgot their their promises to the people. Either people are too stupid and ignorant or the representatives are a very good liar. (Free translate from Iksan Skuter blog at

    That's why this song titled Partai Anjing(!). Anjing! in everyday live in indonesia usually use substitute an 'F' word in english.

    1. Thank You for this information and this great video. People there in Indonesia seem to like very much of this song and Iksan Skuter - I like it too. Iksan Skuter retweeted my tweet of this post yesterday and added to it "WooW".