Friday, November 8, 2013

1st Nokia Lumia 1520 live music recording sample video - Niila "Bottle of Wine"

NOKIA LUMIA 1520 Lumia 1520 and Nokia Rich Recording with four high performance microphones built-in give you the perfect smartphone video and audio recording system ( 

Behind the scenes:
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This live performance was captured using six Nokia Lumia 1520 prototypes. First we recorded the audio with a Nokia Lumia 1520 prototype from the center position. After that we filmed different video angles with the other five devices. Can you hear how directional mics work? Plug in your headset and enjoy!

The video was edited in Adobe Premiere with no adjustments in audio quality.


Performance by Niila (

Guitar and vocals - Niila Arajuuri
Keyboard and vocals - Anna Laulumaa
Percussion - Raine Siltala

Guest artists: 
Guitar - Pekka Wikström
Saxophone - Antti Hynninen
Vocals - Kalle Lindroth


  1. Good audio,horrible music

  2. Hi, I bought this phone to record concerts.
    I am trying it for the 1st time and I see here a big problem.

    When I am in the Recording video area in Nokia Pro Cam App, if I touch some wrong button (WP button, video button, my finger touches some wrong place, etc) it stops the recording. This is really a big big problem. I can lost parts of the recording which is unacceptable for a smartphone that says it was made for photos and videos. I can lost parts of the concert or even a lot of it if something happens and I am not next to the camera (I am thinking of using a tripod).

    I am new to this, so is there a way to fix this problem? Can I block it somehow so the priority is the video recording and so if i touch somewhere it continues recording?

    Now I am even afraid that even if I don't touch in the camera, if something like "Wi-Fi detected" or some other notice appears, it can put down the video recording.

    I think I already saw some complete youtube concert with Lumia 1020. How they did it? too much luck? or is it something we can do to avoid it?

    1. I have made a few concert recordings with Nokia Pro Cam App and I have not pressed never wrong buttons while recording - I think You are a beginner who will learn to watch where You put Your fingers when You make more videos. Every smartphone have similar buttons which You must avoid to press while recording and they are marked very clearly.

      You can purchase a handheld tripod with a mount if You think You can keep easier Your fingers away from those 4 buttons:

      There is not any apps which could pop-up while recording and stop the video recording, but if You afraid some notice voices during recording, so You can turn voices off before You start recordings.

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    amazing videos
    thank you :)