Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sandra van Nieuwland - Medley @ De Vorstin, Hilversum, Netherlands 05/04/2013

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The mrs. and me visited a concert of a local celebrity in the Netherlands, a female singer who ended second in the TV contest The Voice Of Holland. Meanwhile, it looks like she has more success than the actual winner has since then, but I didn't follow the contest that close to be honest. I always had a weak spot for mrs. Sandra van Nieuwland though, because I liked her remarkably flexible voice a lot and she always managed to give a nice twist to the songs she covered.

Last evening I recorded several songs during her concert in De Vorstin in Hilversum. With the Nokia 808 PureView, of course - I noticed more professional camera equipment was being forbidden, including DSLR's. People could only use their smartphones - I figure the Nokia 808 PureView is still not very well-known :-)

Showing you all the songs I recorded would take you more than half an hour - and moreover I don't think the management would be too thrilled about me sharing them all on YouTube. So I decided to make this small "collage" of seven songs I selected from my recordings.

With this, I just want to prove the incredible capacities of the Nokia 808 PureView (notice the Rich Recording and the advantages of Lossless Zoom) and share the music of this extremely talented Dutch female singer.

So here it is. I was in fourth row standing in front of the stage, luckily with not too tall people in front of me. From this distance, Lossless Zoom is just about perfect. And Rich Recording in fact always is. If you're not from the Netherlands, I doubt you'll know this lady, but I hope you'll enjoy her music! :-)

CMX - Kultanaamio (Clip) @ Club Teatria, Oulu, Finland 15/03/2013

NOKIA LUMIA 920byRemedyer

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ismo Haavisto & Andres Roots plays blues music @ McArthur, Järvenpää, Finland 28/03/2013

Date: 28.3.2013
Location: McArthur, Järvenpää

Recorded with the Nokia Pureview 808 mobile phone. Audio once again is simply stunning! 

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mumford & Sons - Finale Weight @ Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands 30/03/2013

Extra song that Mumford and Sons played on March 30th in the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam with Half Moon Run and Mystery Jets.
RAW footage from Nokia 808 Pureview with Rich Recording of Mumford and Sons in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam (Netherlands)
byJöran Maaswinkel