Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HTC One with Nokia's HAAC mics vs. Samsung S3 with nonHAAC mics - Audio recording comparison

HTC One has inside illegally Nokia's HAAC (High Amplitude Audio Capture) microphones which they must change to nonHAAC mics, because Nokia has been granted 22th April, 2013 a preliminary injunction by the Amsterdam district court concerning the technology HTC used in its current flagship HTC One. HAAC microphone technology is the result of several years research and development of Nokia. So the microphone manufacturer STMicroelectronics (company registered in Amsterdam) can't sell HAAC microphones to other parties than Nokia anymore, until februari 2014 that is. For every microphone it will sell to HTC or other parties, it has to pay a fine of €50.000, with a maximum of one million euro. 

Here is a audio comparison Nokia's HAAC microphones of HTC One vs nonHAAC microphones of Samsung Galaxy SIII.
byMaik Reifschneider

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