Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DMIX - Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton cover) @ Malaysia

NOKIA LUMIA 620 I decided to test the music sound recording on my Lumia 620 knowing that it has HAAC microphone that can record up to 140dB with distortion free. Sorry for shaky, low light video.
Credit to "DMIX" band.
Singer cum Band Leader: Hashim/Liza
Keyboard: Aswandi
Drummer: Jeynal
Bass: Jeman
Lead Guitar: Syahzari
Backup Singer: Bob
Song Title: Wonderful Tonight
byshah rizan

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  1. WOW - really amazing quality of the audio. I know Nokia Lumia 620 can record also very good quality 720p HD video. I advice You to put autofocus off when recording gig videos especially if there is flashing lights or if there is moving objects as like people between You and the stage.