Sunday, August 19, 2012

Night Club Party Disco @ Kadayawan Festival Davao City Philippines 18/08/2012

I was clubbin last night, the Saturday night of Davao City's KADAYAWAN 2012 Festival.. I always take pictures and stuff w/ friends when clubbin, but w/ my New phone/camera , the Nokia 808 pureview, for the first time i decided to take video inside the club... the lights during this time was dimmed down but what i wanted to test was the NOKIA 808's ground breaking feature, RICH RECORDERING!! w/c lets you record audio at staggering quality , from pin drop to live concert = where most camera phones and even dedicated audio recorders konk out coz they cant handle the volume and base level etc...

As expected, the Nokia 808 recorded the scene's audio ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY w/o Distortion!!!! I am extremely amazed!! Mind you, it was REALLY REALLY LOUD that night, and i was standing on the second floor of the club, w/ one of the big ass speakers 4 feet away from me (DJ Booth side).. and not one distortion was detected.. abso-fekkin-lutely awesome :)

PS youTube audio compression dont do it justice lol.. but still you get the idea..

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