Friday, July 20, 2012

Jack Dishel (Only Son) - You Stayed At Home @ Moscow 15.07.2012

Regina Spektor Live In Moscow, Russia
Live In Moscow 15.07.2012, CROCUS CITY HALL
Recorded by Nokia 808 PureView
Info: Only Son is the band name of NYC-based songwriter Jack Dishel. Born in Moscow and raised from early childhood in New York, Dishel has been releasing records and playing in New York bands since the late 1990s. Only Son's first album, "The Drop To The Top" was released in 2006 and features eleven songs, including "My Museum", "Long Live The Future", "Sleepyface" and "Brand New Broken Heart". He toured the world in support of the album for two years opening for Regina Spektor and former bandmate Adam Green. The second Only Son album, titled "Searchlight", was released January 18, 2011 and features "Magic", whose video was directed by Adria Petty. It can be seen on Only Son's YouTube channel. Dishel is married to singer-songwriter Regina Spektor, who together have performed live and recorded music. 
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